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Ace Cafe – Come and say hi!

For 2019, the last Monday of every month is a dedicated Porsche night at the Ace Café in North London, a historic and very popular petrolhead hangout. So this year we have decided to try and get to as many dates as we can, as much for a social meet up with our own customers but also to meet other Porsche customers and show them the current CSR demonstrators. Monday the 28th January came around really quickly & myself and our latest sales recruit Alex Cooper set off in -1 degrees Celsius in the 997 Gen2 CSR and the 996 CSR Evo. The run down from Tring was pretty quiet and we arrived there just before 8pm with no traffic to speak of! The turnout was surprisingly good given the Siberian temperatures and we quickly dived inside for some warm food and beverages. The Porsche world is absurdly small & some familiar faces said hi. We also caught up with the ever helpful Edwina from the London Porsche Club region – keep an eye out for a run out to our facility at some point in the summer!

Hope to see you there on the 25th of February, keep a look out for the CSR demonstrators and RPM jacketed staff! Fingers crossed for weather slightly more favourable for Cup2 tyres.

Written by Greig Daly

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