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Meet the Team

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Porsche Sales

Darren Anderson

Commercial Director

Darren, who manages the commercial side of the business and co-ordinates the buying side of RPM’s sales operation, has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester. But father-of-two Darren has a guilty secret – being a self-declared Porsche nut who is track-mad, he also boasts a rally licence and has successfully completed a debut season in the BTRDA Forest Rally series. Mental!

Greig Daly

Sales Director

Greig started out in the motor trade in 2004 and has worked in the main-dealer network for BMW, Audi and Porsche before heading the sales team at RPM. Porsche has always been in his family since the 80s, and says that having owned a 944 and 911 (993) himself, hopes it is a tradition that will be passed onto the next generation of his young family too! Taking part in track days, whether piloting a Porsche or his first love, superbikes, is another obsession. But that’s another story.

Steve Gillings

Sales Executive

Steve is the newest member of the sales team, with a background in senior company management. He has owned a number of Porsches over the years, from Boxster to 911, and is an active member of the Porsche Club GB, where he is currently treasurer of Region 24. Steve can help with any sales-related inquiries whether you are new to the brand or a long –term owner (like himself!)

Ian Boyne


Ex-Fleet St reporter and radio and TV news editor, the self -effacing Scot has the onerous task of delivering Porsches throughout the UK for RPM's many discerning customers. Ian's Porsche baptism came when Sales chief Greig (admittedly the son-in-law) asked him to take a GT3 to Silverstone for a photoshoot. He's since owned two Porkers.

Porsche Servicing & Bodyshop

Ollie Preston

Technical Director

Ollie is regarded these days as one of the UK’s most respected hands-on Porsche experts. He began working on Stuttgart’s finest export in 1993 at another independent specialist in the south east, and six years later made the jump to restoring early 911s, including RS and RSR models. Ollie then set up RPM in 2001 from an old farm shed – initially as a sports car hire and Porsche servicing workshop – and as is evident it quickly grew from there into the successful company it is today. He also likes driving Porsches very fast!

Dave Lee

Senior Technician & Engine Builder

Dave started working with Porsches in 1990 and has specialised in air-cooled engine rebuilds, manual transmission rebuilds and restoration of pre-1974 911s, including RS and RSR variants. In recent years Dave has become heavily involved in full restorations of historic Porsche race cars, primarily 935 and 962 models.

Dave Coundon

Senior Technician & Engine Builder

Dave is a fully trained Porsche technician with more than 20 years experience working on the various models. As an absolutely key member of the RPM team, Dave is our specialist in both air and water-cooled engine builds, with significant experience in the race world too. He’s also known to enjoy tea and biscuits…

Ian Trahearn

Senior Technician

Ian started his automotive career in 1999 preparing GT Race Cars, such as the stunning and ultra-rare Porsche GT1. He now uses his extensive technical knowledge across the whole Porsche range. Ian has been at RPM since 2006 and in the years since has grown into one of RPM’s most experienced workshop staff members.

Dan Francis


Dan has been with RPM since the start of his career over seven years ago. After successfully completing his apprenticeship he has developed his skills well and is now a valued member of the RPM team. In his spare time Dan is a keen go-karter who enjoys modding cars, helping his uncle restore classic vehicles, and attending track days.

Stuart D’archambaud


A key member of Ollie’s Special Projects team, Stuart started his career working alongside his father, a master fabricator. He joined RPM more than five years ago and has fitted in well, using his methodical and practical knowledge across the entire range, especially the classic models. Stuart was one of the GT3 Cup Car trackside team – and (especially for you Japanese petrolhead fans) has a passion for drifting in anything with a 2JZ conversion (whatever that means!).

Ryan Rhodes


Ryan has recently completed his apprenticeship with RPM and is now a qualified and valued member of the team, able to confidently turn his hand to any task required. A huge fan of American classic cars, Ryan is also into keep-fit in a big way.

Dave Russell

Bodyshop Coordinator & Assessor

Dave has over 30 years experience in the crash/repair industry, including more than six years as a vehicle damage assessor at a large national bodyshop. He is a real Porsche enthusiast at heart and has previously owned a 964. Dave works closely with Ollie on all the restoration and special projects. He lives with his family near Camborne in West Cornwall and commutes to Long Marston, spending three nights in accommodation nearby, before the long drive home to enjoy his hobbies, which include restoring his boat and diving. Dave used to be a keen biker, but claims he’s now too old!

Porsche Admin & Vehicle Prep

Craig Humphrey

Workshop Coordinator

As RPM’s workshop co-ordinator, it is Craig’s organisation and eye for detail that keeps the workshop running smoothly at all times. He has been in the motor trade for more than a decade, working previously for a major VW dealership and, more recently, another independent Porsche specialist. Porsche also runs in his blood – his father has owned 996 and 997 models. These days he spends his time away from RPM with his young family.

Lydia Marshall

Operations Manager

Lydia is at the core of RPM’s business as Operations Manager. She oversees all office functions and is invaluable to Ollie and the gang for her no-nonsense efficiency and clear thinking, apart from when it comes to shoes! A real Porsche enthusiast, who enjoys track days and organising special trips such as the Le Mans Classic, Lydia also takes a special interest in the Special Projects department, making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the build.

Dave Ferguson

Vehicle Preparation & Detailing

Angling buff Dave has been a big car enthusiast since learning to drive, and has proved to have a keen eye for vehicle preparation. Dave joined the team in 2015 and quickly proved his value preparing the sales cars prior to them being placed on display in the showroom. He is now officially Gtechniq-accredited, meaning he can prepare all types of Porsche models to the highest possible standard. Dave drives a modded Mitsubishi Evo and is currently on the lookout for a classic car.

Clive Larner


Clive has been involved with RPM for a number of years previously managing his own transport business, and is now our man on the ground ready and able for transportation of anything from Boxster through to race car. Clive has an eclectic choice of hobbies ranging from metal detecting to amateur radio to name but a few!

Zoe Varndell

Dealership Host

Zoe has a background working as a PA to directors in a London-based corporate construction business, and is a legend at getting things done! Anything Coldplay-related is sure to win her over. So Chris Martin – if you are reading this – get your car booked in with Zoe!

Nadine Jones

Saturday Reception

Nadine developed her love for cars from a young age and has always had an interest in working in the motor trade. She is now in her second spell at RPM and enjoys attending track days or other Porsche-related events. But her real love is in another type of horsepower, the four-legged variety! Nadine owns two horses and is a very keen rider in what spare time she has.


General RPM Dogsbody

A loyal and popular member of the RPM family ever since he was a pup, not many realise that Geordie is a superb driver - especially when it comes to parallel barking. He claims to be a dab hand at houndabouts, takes a mean picture (see above) and swears his favourite Porsche model is made by Ruf - at least that's what it sounds like (geddit!).