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Porsche Engine & Transmission Rebuilds

Porsche engine & gearbox rebuilds in-house at RPM Technik

At RPM Technik we pride ourselves on our engineering expertise and innovative solutions. Of all our specialist departments our engine shop is the ultimate embodiment of this ethos. We have arguably the most capable engine builders in our sector and we don’t compromise on the build process. We undertake a number of research and development contracts every year and this ability to engineer from first principles sets us aside and would rather pass on a job than do a technically substandard build. We except that there will be cheaper engine builders but are confident there are no better.

Our facility consists of a dedicated build room that has eight individual engine/transmission building benches. We have Porsche tooling for road and race engines and transmissions from air cooled 917 to water cooled 991. We undertake a large proportion of machine work in house to maintain our high QC standards and the work that’s done by external specialists is only undertaken by a select number of specialists that we have vetted and approved.

Work is broadly split between three groups, factory standard rebuilds, RPM Technik menu upgrades and bespoke project builds. Below is a list of the regular services we provide:

  • Air-cooled full engine builds to factory standards (1965-1998)
  • Water-cooled engine builds with upgraded liners & pistons and other engine preservation modifications (1997-2008)
  • CSR performance engines (1997-2008)
  • RPM Technik 3.8 fast road engines with full Motec engine management and power options from 350bhp to 395bhp dyno proven (1989-1993)
  • Option of running-in engine on an engine dyno with custom mapping
  • Modification and upgrade kits are available for custom builds
  • Road and race car transmission rebuilds to include GT3 sequential transmissions and aftermarket race transmissions
  • Full range of torque biasing and customisable mechanical LSD upgrades including full shimming and backlash setup where appropriate.
  • CSR low ratio crown-wheel and pinion upgrades for GT3 and 981 Boxster/Cayman and GT4
  • Other upgrades to consider when refitting to car is our CSR lightweight clutch and flywheel upgrades
  • CSR LSD tuning and setup
  • A full range of parts preparation equipment including parts washers, vapour blaster and a bead blaster
  • Engines are fully dressed when rebuilt with re-chroming of metal parts and powder-coating of tin wear and other ancillary parts.
  • RPM can offer solutions to the common problems of intermediate shaft failures, cracked cylinders and scored liners etc

For more information on any of our rebuild services please feel free to get in touch.