The second generation 997 was the first GT3 to have the option of a factory-fitted ‘lift kit.’ This allowed the nose of the car to be lifted at the touch of a button to allow for better access to roads or car parks with awkward angles etc. The ‘axle lift’ function is now commonplace amongst 991 and 992 models, although it runs a different system and even has GPS memory for the function, really clever!

997.2 GT3 axle lift fault 2
997.2 GT3 axle lift fault 1

However, going back to the 997.2 axle lift kit, as time goes on we have seen issues with the kit failing in some cases, requiring replacement pumps. In other cases, we have seen issues where the system raises the nose but then won’t allow it to settle back down.

Alarmingly we have heard tales where clients have been billed for a new pump (circa £8k!) when in fact there is another option to try, which only costs a few hundred pounds and can be done pretty swiftly.

997.2 GT3 axle lift fault 3

The 997.2 axle lift works via a hydraulic/air system with a variety of switches, relays and fuses. So far, we have found one common culprit which often fails causing the 997.2 axle lift fault as detailed above.

Thankfully accessing the misbehaving part is workable and the job can be done while you wait. Obviously, we have to diagnose each car individually but this fix potentially takes a lot of worry away from a lot of owners who might have been head scratching for a while!

If you are experiencing similar issues with a 997.2 GT3 or RS with axle lift faults, contact our workshop today and see if we can help you too.


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