Event Type: Porsche Only Track Day

Event date: 08/10/2024

Circuit layout (GP, Indy etc.): GP Circuit

Address: Donington Park

Times: TBC

Noise Limit Drive By: No noise limit

Noise limit (Static): No noise limit

Porsche Driver Lounge: Yes (free for all RUSH Members)

Technical support: Yes (free for full RUSH members and discounted rate to Fellowship members)

Price: From £395.00

Get ready for some outrageous machinery of road and track pedigree. Porsche only and a coveted NOISY day. If you’re a Porsche trackday lover and want the opportunity to seriously stretch the legs of your Porsche surrounded by the most like-minded of peers, there is no better opportunity than this event at Donington Park GP. We have held these events with RMA for the last two years and they have been amazing days without exception. Great track etiquette and the unique RMA overtaking rules really help the days flow and minimise the red flags. We expect this to sell out so don’t delay in securing your space.

RMA is the only UK track day operator (TDO) that has approval to allow overtaking on both sides on their days. The principle is that the slower car in front drives their usual lines at a speed they are comfortable with. The faster overtaking car is then free to choose which side to overtake. This cannot be done on the brakes into the corners and is very carefully policed. The result is a free-flowing day with a quality experience for drivers and cars of all abilities. It is also very rare to have car-to-car contact as a result.


This event is organised by a third party Track Day Organiser (TDO). We will take payment for your place(s) and will make the booking with the TDO on your behalf.


If you have an event enquiry or would like to discuss your track day requirements, please contact our team on +44 (0)1296 663 824 or send us an enquiry online.