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Selling Your Porsche

If you are thinking of selling your Porsche and want to avoid the inconvenience and trouble of selling it privately, or you are not sure just how to go about it, then please contact us.

This simple form will take only a few minutes to fill in, but it could save you hours, maybe even days, when it comes to finding a buyer.

We have two ways in which we can help you sell your vehicle.

The first is for RPM Technik to purchase your Porsche outright, while the second and more popular method is to use our ‘Sale or Return’ option. For more information on Sale or Return, please read below…

Sale or Return

RPM’s ‘Sale or Return’ or SOR process is very simple.

The first thing we do is to talk you through our terms and conditions and associated fees. Only once you are satisfied will we then undertake a casual inspection of the car to work out its market value and what you can expect the upper and lower levels for the final sale price to be.

If you are happy with the likely net return after SOR costs we will then carry out a full Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI), which will highlight any work required to prepare the car for sale and to meet RPM’s rigorous retail standards.

Any final adjustment to net return can then be worked out before the marketing process gets underway. RPM will also take charge of all marketing and sale negotiations until the vehicle is sold.

The benefits of SOR over selling privately or making an outright trade purchase are severalfold.

Firstly, your net return is significantly higher than the trade-in value and is often similar to that from a private sale.

It’s a fact that buyers will pay a premium to purchase from a reputable specialist with a warranty – with the resulting peace of mind this gives. In any event, certain highly complex and specialist cars, or high value Porsches, are often difficult to sell privately.

Another advantage of SOR means that at all times your vehicle is also comprehensively insured by RPM while in the showroom or out on road test.

Finally, buyers who require finance on their purchase can also be advised and accommodated in the Sale or Return process.