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IMS Bearing Upgrade

The M96 & M97 Engine's Achilles Heel

The M96 and M97 engine failures are well documented, and although not as numerous as forums may lead you to believe, it is still a very real risk to all M96 and early M97 engines. All M96 engined cars sold through RPM have the IMS bearing upgrade.

RPM Technik have been fitting uprated bearings since 2010. Although a worthwhile engine preservation modification in its own right, it is a popular upgrade when undertaking a clutch replacement as the clutch assembly has to be removed to replace the IMS bearing.

Increasingly people are choosing to only buy cars that have had IMS bearing upgrades. As a result, cars with the upgrade command a small premium and sell easier than cars without the upgrade.

Prices from £555 +VAT or click here to specify your model.

For more information please view our FAQ’s below or visit the EPS website.


What type of bearing does RPM use?

We use a German made cylindrical bearing that has been customised at a nonstandard measurement of 15mm. The reason for using this bearing was in an effort to use all the real estate available to spread the load over the largest possible area. Additionally, due to the patented thrust control, the roller is a free wheeling roller, meaning there is no contact on the sides of the roller. Unlike ANY other cylindrical bearing solution, the axis load (thrust control) is not applied to the rollers, instead, it is applied to the entire perimeter of the outer race. The main advantage of this technology is that the rollers are not loaded from the side.

How many failures have been reported since you starting selling the EPS IMS Upgrade Kit?

Since EPS started to sell the Cylindrical IMS Bearing in 2013, they have sold over 5,000 units in total, and have NOT had a report of a single failure.

Is the Pressurised Oil Feed Kit necessary?

No. The bearing is completely submerged in oil thus not requiring the Pressurised Oil Feed Kit.

What's the estimated labour time to install?

Between 9 – 12 hours depending on model and transmission. Please get in touch for an IMS Bearing Upgrade estimate on your Porsche.