Engine temperature gauge

Step 1

Ensure that your engine is fully up to temperature.

On air-cooled Porsches, this can take longer than you think. As a rule, we would suggest a good 20-minute run to ensure that the oil thermostat has opened and temperatures are up.

930 Turbo Rebuild 1446

Step 2

Find a flat surface to park your Porsche. Even a small gradient will give you an incorrect reading on your level.

Minimum and maximum markings on dipstick for aircooled Porsche

Step 3

Let the car idle for a few minutes, and with the engine running, pull out the dipstick.

Check your owner’s manual for the location, but 99% are inside the oil top-up neck. Clean off the dipstick but pay attention to the markings on there, reinsert the dipstick and remove to take a measurement.

911 engine bay

Step 4

If the car requires oil, add in a small amount at a time and recheck.

A common error is owners overfilling with oil which results in the car smoking, and in extreme circumstances, it can cause engine damage. If this occurs, the car needs to be bought in to have some drained out.

Suggested dipstick level for aircooled Porsche

Step 5

We would typically suggest running the level at three-quarters full on the dipstick, this is to allow for oil expansion when the car is hot.

Ensure you regularly check the oil level in your air-cooled Porsche.


If you have any questions about maintaining your air-cooled Porsche, contact our team on +44 (0)1296 663 824 or send us an enquiry online.