This year we have seen a marked increase in the market for supplying and fitting Akrapovic exhausts systems to Porsche 992 GT3 and 992 GT3RS models, but why?!

Almost all vehicles produced after 2019 are required to meet more stringent environmental legislation for emissions and noise. To be fair, it is remarkable how Porsche has been able to carry on supplying high-revving, naturally aspirated petrol engines, alongside big power turbos and still meet these regulations.

Part of the solution was that Porsche integrated OPF filters, see our previous blog on what the OPF’s are for. So essentially what we have now are Porsches with engines at the pinnacle of their development, but being restricted by these broad new regulations. The resultant solution is the use of lighter, freer-flowing exhausts that do not cause issues with engines or passing MOT’s.

Akrapovic exhaust

Based in Slovenia, Akrapovic have been making exhausts since 1991. Their business started by specialising in motorbike exhausts. Indeed, only nine years into making them, their exhaust was aboard the World Superbike Championship winning Honda. Good going!

Akrapovic is one of very, very few manufacturers who actually have their own foundry enabling them to produce all of their systems from Titanium. Akrapovic have actually also been OEM fitment on some special Porsches including the 997.2 GT2RS and are OEM fitment on many other manufacturer products underlining the quality of their operation.

Akrapovic exhaust full elevation

We have been fitting Akrapovic exhaust systems to Porsches for many years and have found their quality of fitment to be second to none. The systems never need adjustment and bolt straight on without fuss.

The quality of their performance is also premium within their sector, not overly loud systems but offering a decent uplift in sound quality without the exhaust ‘boom’ that some underdeveloped exhausts sometimes suffer from.

The exhausts also give a genuine uplift in power and torque and have been tested to the extreme on Akrapovic’s own in-house ‘Durability Dyno’.

As you have probably worked out, these are not your average aftermarket exhaust building company.

Akrapovic exhaust Porsche 992 GT3RS

We have seen that with the launch of the 992 GT3 and 992 GT3RS, owners have been surprised at how quiet their exhausts have been. This has driven a variety of aftermarket options, but the Akrapovic systems have, in our experience, proved to be of superior performance and construction to anything else on the market today.

If you are experiencing the same issues with exhaust note, or volume (or lack of!), then we can help you!



If you would like to discuss an Akrapovic for your Porsche, please contact Sai in our Upgrades Department on +44 (0)1296 663 824 or send us an enquiry online.