One of the most common questions that we get asked from owners of the 991 GT3 and RS models, is how to check the oil level. Now it may seem a fairly simple process given the fact that there is no physical dipstick in these engines and the computer does the check for you. However, there is a process to follow and deviating from that can confuse the computer checking the level.

So, our first piece of advice is to check the level as often as possible. The reason being is that by checking it regularly, you are forcing the computer to take a reading which it saves and can monitor the level better. Secondly and importantly, these engines rev to approximately 9,000rpm which is very high. So, lots of time spent between 7,000rpm and 9,000rpm can mean that the engine uses more oil than a regular car. The consequences of not having enough oil in your engine when driven that hard, probably doesn’t need explaining! Porsche actually released a technical bulleting suggesting that the oil level is checked at least every 200 miles to be safe when being driven hard.

tim harvey in gt3rs

The process to check your oil level is as follows:

  1. Ensure that the car is fully up to temperature – at least 80c. We would suggest letting it get to 85c to be sure it’s fully warm on the dashboard readout.
  2. Ensure the car is on a totally level surface and stationary, in either ‘P’, ‘N’ or ‘D.’
  3. Let the car idle for 3 minutes
  4. Go into the onboard computer, ‘vehicle’, and run the ‘oil measurement’ through the onboard computer. Whilst it does this, do not touch the throttle, or you will need to start again.
  5. If the message ‘No measurement on the oil level is available at present’ means the oil level checking system requires a reset. This is easy to do – simply open the engine cover for at least 20 seconds, to be sure leave for 30 seconds (Porsche actually recommend opening the engine cover for 30 seconds every time you check the level so that it is reset every time) and restart the process from step 1.
  6. The oil level will be displayed in the dash
  7. Set the oil level so that it is 3 segments above the minimum marker. The reason we suggest this is that when the oil gets very hot, it expands and can go up to the maximum reading causing a warning on the dashboard ‘warning engine oil level exceeded.’ See the picture below.

Note – very important. The oil level is very sensitive, so only add in around 20ml at a time to avoid overfilling. Overfilling can cause engine damage

We would recommend using Mobil1 fully synthetic 0w-40. However, if the car is being used hard on the circuit then 10w-60 would be better to withstand higher temperatures.

Correct oil level setting:

gt3 oil level

Reading the above may seem a little arduous, however after completing it a few times you get the hang of it. The importance of checking your oil level on any car is important, but especially a GT3 or RS which tend to get driven far harder and therefore need that little extra care and attention. It should also go without saying but regularly checking tyre pressures is also vital to ensure that your GT Porsche is using the most of all four contact patches, that’s a blog for another day!

gt3rs in pit lane


If you are still unsure about setting your oil level or would prefer us to take a look for you, please contact our workshop team on
+44 (0)1296 663 824 or send us an enquiry online.