The old-fashioned way in which the car industry used to operate, was notoriously sloppy and often executed with questionable morals. This is now thankfully a period we look back at with satirical humour from comedies like the Fast Show’s Swiss Toni. Not only have the operating standards vastly improved, but technology advancement over the last decades have also enabled car dealers to demonstrate a car remotely and give buyers an accurate vehicle appraisal. If I told a buyer from 12 years ago that they would be buying Porsches worth deep into six figures, over the internet without meeting me or the car, I would have been laughed at, if not worse…!


The way in which we buy all kinds of products is changing, as is the way in which we sell our belongings. The car industry of old operated in the ‘buy it low and sell it high’ system, which still has its merits for both buyers, sellers and dealers even in 2021. However, for the past decade we have been operating an industry leading ‘Sale or Return’ (SOR) mechanism to offer an alternative way to sell your Porsche.

Whilst not being a revolutionary way to sell an item, our SOR scheme has doubled in popularity over the last two years. We are often asked ‘What is the best way to sell my Porsche?’ and from a financial point of view, the SOR scheme unequivocally returns the best pound in your pocket. One of the other benefits of our SOR scheme is the simplicity inherent in the model. We take your Porsche, inspect it, prep it for marketing, advertise and sell your Porsche for you. Once sold, we then take our fee from the sale price and return you the difference. The buyer still benefits from a car at RPM Technik retail standard, with in-house warranty and finance options. These benefits ensure the true and best market value is achieved on the sale of your Porsche.

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Our SOR scheme has worked so well over the past decade, because fundamentally no corners have ever been cut in our process to handle the transaction for both buyer and seller. From a seller’s perspective, each transaction begins with an SOR contract detailing all the particulars from who owns the car, through to insurance and anticipated sale figures and fees. Each party gets a file copy. The car is then fully inspected by our technicians, some of which have over 25 years’ experience of working solely on Porsches. A summary of the preparation required to be an RPM Technik Approved Porsche is agreed. So, from the outset the owner of the Porsche is 100% clear on what their net return will be, subject to the sale price, and the Porsche is prepared to our exacting standards for the buyer. If any preparation is required, this will often be undertaken once the sale is agreed and deposits taken.

So, ‘the best way to sell my Porsche’ is arguably SOR as it gives you the best net return financially, but it is also the least hassle and arguably the most secure. Our business is now entering its 20th year and is still run and managed by the founding partner Ollie Preston along with Darren Anderson commercial director and Greig Daly sales director, ensuring standards are maintained and the original ethos of ‘Engineering Exhilaration’ is always adhered to. Your Porsche will be treated as if it were one of our own whilst in our care. Which technically once we have sold it, it will be, as we are then responsible for it. All Porsches that we sell are covered by our in-house warranty, which rather than being covered by a third-party insurance company is covered by ourselves.


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