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991 GT2RS MR - Carrera White

Full Manthey-Racing Conversion

We were contacted towards the end of 2020 by the owner of this stunning GT2RS. Like many GT2RS owners, they had done track days for many years and enjoyed owning the pinnacle of Porsche’s GT products. Our client was on a track day towards the end of the season and was taking tuition with a professional racing driver. Throughout the day they clocked another 2RS which had already been Manthey-Racing converted and this GT2RS was being driven by the enthusiast owner rather than a race driver. When our client asked his professional tutor to chase and keep up with the GT2RS MR, he couldn’t keep pace with it, even though it was being driven by an amateur driver, albeit a capable and swift one.

The decision was made there and then, his car had to have the Manthey-Racing GT2RS upgrade! The donor car was a 2018 GT2RS with the Weissach pack and a great colour combination. Now the works have been completed, expect to see it being enjoyed at maximum velocity across the UK and Europe!

If you are looking to upgrade your GT2RS to full Manthey-Racing specification, please contact our workshop team today.