1 – The car

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first! Ensure your car is in full fighting fitness. It will go through heat cycles, G-forces and general extremes that you could never achieve on the road. Our best advice is that if it hasn’t been serviced very recently then take advantage of a pre-track inspection. This will make sure everything is checked over by a professional, they can advise on what to keep an eye on and what to replace before the car is used on circuit. Also, be aware of noise limits. Many models running aftermarket exhausts fall foul of the noise limits.

Track day car prep

2 – Silencers

If your car has an upgraded exhaust, we suggest downloading some kind decibel measuring device from the App store. Most UK circuits won’t allow cars that are nosier than 105 dB’s but some are as low as 95dB or 98dB. If you are close to the limit then investing in some additional silencers will mean your track day isn’t cut short. Also on the day, remember to have your switchable sports exhaust switched off. If you have a manual car, engage the clutch whilst revving the engine for the static noise test.

Track exhaust

3 – Helmet

a good quality helmet needs no explanation. In the event of an accident, it will potentially save your life. There are plenty of manufacturers out there, for years we have used Arai helmets which are strong and lightweight. Correct fitment is vital, so consult a specialist firm such as Stand21 who will be able to assist. If your car has bucket seats and harnesses, we would also advice using a ‘hans’ device. This simple piece of equipment is designed to limit how far your neck can move in a big impact by using small tethers that link the helmet to the hans device. Given how fast modern GT’s are, this is a very wise investment.

Track day helmet

4 – Gloves

A subjective one really. Some people enjoy driving with them as it gives you consistent grip on the touch points (steering wheel/ gear lever) as your hands get sweatier, other people prefer not to wear gloves. We would suggest it’s a good idea. Some regular track day goers also wear gloves as it puts their mind into a different state of alertness and they will till you that there is muscle memory to wearing gloves and focused driving!

5 – Tyre pressure gauge

A wide variety of gauges are available. We use these awesome gauges from Racesense which are used by BTCC teams. Clearly, you will need to monitor your pressures throughout the day, read our blog on how to ensure pressures are correct.

RaceSense_In Action

6 – Tyre pump

Some form of pump to help adjust your pressures. Again, we use a battery-powered pump made by Milwalkee which saves effort and is small and light. This avoids hassle at the end of the day in going to find a petrol station to pump your tyres back up to road pressures for the drive home.

7 – Spare fluids

The car may use some oil when on track, given the car will be operating at the higher end of its performance envelope. Best to bring along an oil top up specific for your Porsche, if you don’t then you are bound to need some. Coolant and brake fluid is fortunately rarely needed but it is worth having top ups of both just in case you need to get some mechanical intervention on the day and the company assisting you don’t have the same make and grade of fluid.

Track day preparation on ramp

8 – Glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth

Nothing worse than bugs/ rubber/ mess being smeared across your windscreen when you are trying to concentrate!

9 – Sustenance for you

Trackdays require a lot of concentration, which is tiring. Bring along water and snacks to keep you going. Most circuits have café’s and provide lunch but worth bringing some bits to keep your hydration levels up.

10 – Tow eye

Everyone should have one, but you should check it is still present and will need to be fitted before you go on circuit. Some track day organisers won’t let you on circuit without one. If you don’t have one and go out and get stuck in the gravel, the marshals won’t be impressed and are likely to drag it out by the lower arms or wheel spokes. You have been warned! Visit our online shop for a range of accessories, including tow eyes!

Manthey Tow Strap Front


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