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The first season running the 997 Cup car for Nigel Armstrong was an immense amount of fun for all involved, so as Christmas 2014 approached it was agreed we would run the car again for the 2015 season which we are really excited about. 2015 has kicked of with a weekend test in the warmth at Cartegena in Spain. The car was shipped a week ahead of the team, 2015 also see’s a new driver in Jamie Dawson joining the fray. Jamie has been a long term Porsche owner and racing has always being on the agenda.

The test started off with some unusually poor weather and sand storms which limited track time for the morning session, luckily this cleared away to just rain which allowed a limited amount of wet laps to allow Nigel and Jamie to acclimatise back with the car and get back into the groove. The lap data naturally showed a considerable difference between Nigel and Jamie given Nigel’s upper hand with a season already under his belt. The first day concluded with everyone happy with the laps put in and the cars performance. The decals for 2015 caught a lot of attention and certainly ensure the car stands out amongst the crowd…no pressure! The evening debrief between Ollie and both drivers allowed the team to make some set up adjustments for the second day, and a relaxing evening ensued…

The rest of the test faired far better with beautiful weather and allowed Nigel and Jamie to really start putting some laps in, as the test went on and the tyres were eaten up, it quickly became obvious that Nigel will have some stiff competition from his new team mate for 2015. Jamie finished the test being only 200ths of a second off of Nigel, who came third in his first season of GT Cup racing and was a seriously fierce competitor throughout. Over the course of three days a total of 112 lap were completed, gaining valuable data for the season ahead. The 2015 driver line up and team is set to be another great pairing, good luck to both drivers and we shall keep you updated on each event!

Written by Greig Daly

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