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2019 Market Watch


2019 has proved to be interesting year for car sales across the market from the entry level hatchbacks right through to Supercars. The used market for cars has been far more stable than the new cars, however manufacturers discounting new cars heavily has affected the nearly new market meaning there are some serious bargains to be had in this segment.

The Porsche market has obviously seen a softening of prices from the peak in 2017, however the volume of transactions RPM Technik have undertaken has been strong and in line with our expectation for the year. This is in part due to lower prices attracting buyers that were previously priced out of the market or even worried at buying at the peak of the market.

The other catalyst in sales continuing at the same pace has been the synchronicity across the marques. Although the car our buyer is looking to part exchange against their next car has dropped in price, so has the car they are buying. This means the cost to change is still the same but just the overall numbers are lower. As such the demand for well priced RPM Technik Approved prepared cars hasn’t slowed.

Now is a great time to advertise your car and we are actively looking for fresh Porsche stock under 10 years old and 60,000 miles. We can sell all Porsche models from Cayenne to 918, so if you are thinking of trading up or down, part exchanging into a dealer for your next car, or just fancy selling give Greig a call on 01296 663824 or get in touch with one of our team for a polite and efficient market appraisal to see if we can help you.

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