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The weekend of 20th/21st September was a very busy one for Team RPM with Ollie, Stuart, Sam and Lydia attending the penultimate race at Donington Park supporting the GT3 Cup car and Darren, Greig and Marc attending Brands Hatch for the annual Porsche festival.

We spent the week planning our stall and ensuring everything from a generator to the all-important coffee machine was listed, packed and working for the big day.

The weather was a concern but it proved to be a fantastic day. We started pretty much at 7.30 AM and went all the way through to 5.30 with customers on our stand constantly. The 996 and 997 CSR’s were proving very popular especially when Darren fired them up every hour – it’s amazing how Porsche fans are drawn to a rorty flat six!! What started as a “would you like to hear the exhaust?” Finished with an audience of about 30 grinning fans.

We planned to be there to showcase some the new CSR products and generally increase awareness of our brand but we actually took plenty of leads for people looking not only for more info, but when they could get their cars booked in. A really satisfying result.

The cars on show for the day at the various stands were particularly special with everything from Carrera GT’s to new Caymans and even the 918. A personal highlight was watching the 918, 956, 2.7RS, GT1, 993 GT2 Evo and Dave Dennett in his 935 battle it out (lightly) for the parade laps. All at RPM have fallen heavily for the 918 and are currently in plans for how we can all chip in for one…we are currently up to a pot of £5!!

We would like to thank the organisers Porsche Club GB and MSV (Brands Hatch) for the day and would thoroughly recommend going next year if you are free.

Written by Greig Daly

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