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Caffeine & Machine – CSR Social

What do our technicians at RPM Technik have to say about the CSR brand and community?

I joined RPM Technik after a period as lead technician at another Porsche specialist. My earlier career was spent working on rally and race cars, including a long spell looking after the track collection of various exotic vehicles at Bedford Autodrome.

So, when the opportunity arose to be part of the autumn 2018 CSR Network meet, I was keen to join the party. Sure, I drive the CSRs’ we build on road tests, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in one of the CSRs’. Particularly CSR-007, a modified 997 Gen2 Porsche Retro.

The journey of enjoyment began when I clocked off work on Saturday and I had the chance to take her home before heading off to the meet the next day. The drive home was brilliant, but compared to my usual Honda Jazz, anything is… I was thoroughly spoilt.

124 Miles of driving awaited me when I woke on the Sunday morning, and a road trip through Towcester, meeting other CSR owners along route to convoy our way to Caffeine and Machine in Stratford-upon-Avon. This was when I fully had the chance to enjoy and live with the CSR.

Arriving at Caffeine and Machine, a place created for the various tribes of automotive and motorcycling culture to gather. As C&M exists to embrace obsession, it was the perfect setting for the meet and the atmosphere of our party was contagious.


Still thriving from my 62miles of driving, the CSR-07 itself is refined and more focused than the standard 997 Gen2 pre-modifications, but also not too far away from it either. You really do feel a connection to the car when driving it and upon discussions with other CSR owners, they echoed my sentiments. I really appreciated the chance to discuss the CSR brand with the owners, since this is who the product is focused on.

The realisation dawned on me, of course each of these cars have similarities and owning a CSR itself unites you with other CSR owners but each of the owners were unique in their own ways, which proves these modified Porsches are for anyone, some owners use theirs as track cars, others use them as their weekend run out, or a treat for their boys at the weekend to drop them to football. It was great to watch our diverse group, chatting and enjoying the day, for some it was their first occasion of meeting one another and for others it was a long awaited catch up. It was also great to witness the attention our CSRs gathered.

The ducktails are what solidifies us as part of a brand and the bespoke quirks are what make the cars stand apart from one another, my favourite was the exposed carbon on CSR-002, a 997 Gen1.

After we had our fair fix of caffeine, we made tracks back to our own machines ready to depart homeward bound.

Another 62miles of driving awaited me and I was every bit excited, radio silent, I listened to the growl of the engine for the duration of my journey home. Feeling united as part of a CSR convoy, the combined sound of our 15 CSRs’ were head turners to pedestrians and other road users alike and rightly so, the sound of a CSR is iconic and returning home I was fulfilled with the buzz still lingering in my ears.

…Its back to the Jazz for me, until next time!

Written by Neil Drew

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