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Sunday the 2nd November was the last of our trackdays for the 2014 season and as luck would have it, it was wet. Very, very wet! The trackday coincided with the end of the race season for our 997 GT3 Cup car too, so it seemed only sensible to take everything down to Silverstone for an end year fun day out. Although the weather was awful, the day attracted an eclectic mix of all types of cars and race cars. Some interesting road cars to note were a couple of stunning brand new Carrera White 991 GT3’s, a beautiful DB4 Aston Martin and even one brave soul in a Ferrari F40. A moment that will last with me for a long time will be following this for a lap and watching it viciously slap from side to side midway down the straight once the Turbo’s lit up. A hair raising moment!

A selection of historic and modern race cars were out on track too (a race event on at Silverstone meant relaxed noise testing) with our 997 Cup car having fun against F430’s and other Cup cars and even a SLS AMG GT race car. Our loyal contingent of RPM track day fiends were out and all having loads of fun – low, wet weather grip really levels the playing field with well driven 944’s and 968’s being able to take some scalps of much more modern machinery with double the horse power. However with standing water starting to build towards the end the day, some serious care was needed.

Being the last day of the season, the GT3 Cup car was prepped for taking passengers, with a second seat and harness set installed a few wild rides ensued. All of the sponsors of the Cup car were taken out by both Gary and Nigel (who probably found it all a bit pedestrian compared to racing!) and there was some spare time to take out myself and Darren too, which was an eye-opener. The level of grip on the brakes, turn in, mid corner and exit was outrageous – pretty much to the level of a road car in the bone dry. The whole experience of the noise of the engine and box and G-forces was something really special.

The day also allowed us to take out the lucky winners of the Help for Heroes charity ball draw for their track day experience sessions. Once signed on, given their briefing, both John and Lucinda were very excited to say the least. 2 sessions in the 996 CSR whetted their appetite for more track action; following this a session each with Gary Marsh in his track set up 997 GT3 reinforced what incredible cars Porsche produce! It was a pleasure for us to take out two very keen winners and with them owning a 997 Carrera, we hope to see them out their car soon!

Look forward to seeing you all out on track in 2015.

Written by Greig Daly

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