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With a title like that it should be no surprise who the author is to this blog post.

There are many elements of this job that crossover from business to pleasure and when I got the request to drop a Gen1 GT3 RS up to Manchester for a very good friend (and customer), this was one of them. Matt recently part exchanged a lovely Gen 1 997 GT3 against a LHD 997.1 GT3 RS originally supplied to the UAE and imported/registered this year. Purchased off spec and based on the comprehensive description Greig had provided to him it was essentially an unknown quantity to him at the point I dropped it on his driveway on a cold Thursday evening.

The drive to Manchester was constrained by the rush of cars heading North on the M1 and M6 but despite this the RS felt like a tightly coiled spring, ready to unleash its performance with a Cup Car like howl whenever the opportunity presented itself. The car had a fast road geometry setup on our Beissbarth equipment as part of the prep and this was in my opinion the spot on balance between being a pleasant (albeit pointy!) road drive and a great track drive. With more time I would have chosen to travel at a different time of the day and avoided the motorways altogether however I had an appointment with a beer and some curried food to make. This was my fourth curry in five days but that is another story!

The delivery of the RS was timed to coincide with the annual RS Track Day at Oulton Park and it was the perfect opportunity for Matt to ‘bond’ with his new purchase. After a good night’s sleep we departed for Oulton Park. The weather was perfect and although by no means a hot day it was clear and sunny. I think it is fair to say that Matt approved of his purchase and judged on the speed at which he lapped Oulton Park he was confident in the cars handling and capability. The hot laps I had in the car were a clear demonstration of this and there was nothing faster on our track laps. The mighty ceramic brakes being worked hard and being put to very good use.

The RS day never disappoints with some great hardware on display and on track. It is also a good opportunity to catch up with some customers and suppliers alike. Unfortunately lunchtime came round very quickly and I had to dash to get a train back to the office to get on with some ‘proper’ work. Roll on RS Day 2017.

Written by Darren Anderson

Watch the onboard footage of our customer in his newly purchased GT3RS here:

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