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With sales of anything with a Mezger engine in it extremely buoyant, last week we had a long term Porsche owner take the leap of faith from air-cooled to water-cooled. Below is his email to us with his initial thoughts and feelings on his latest purchase of a 996 GT3. His return journey from Tring to Lanark in Scotland was a great first test of his new steed. What a journey!


Hi Greig,

The journey was memorable to say the least. The effortless way it picks up speed in any gear makes it such a real world car – the only problem is that you get up to warp speed so easily that I fear for my licence…

There were road works at the M40 junction so that wasted a good 20 minutes and I ended up at Corley services on the M6, when I asked the satnav for a Shell station from the M42, so a bit of a detour. I then made good time via the M6 Toll and decided to have an overnight stop in Middlewich as it was getting late and I didn’t want to nod off after quite a long day. I was planning to scrounge brunch in the morning with my bro-in-law who lives nearby. However it was far too late to disturb him and everywhere was either firmly shut or full so I just carried on and apart from a brief stop in the Lakes at Tebay was home by 0359. It’s such an involving car that I was never in danger of falling asleep and the only problem was making sure that any other headlights behind me weren’t the police! Cruising at around ***, it was just getting into its stride.

The new Vmax according to Garmin is “(a lot)” and there was lots more to come, but the next motorway bend had me backing off and it reminded me that I’ve promised myself a day at Silverstone on the Porsche Experience. I wanted it for the 993 but the GT3 has so much more that I need to do it soon. I should have left the car with you!

The seats are very comfortable, even just cruising on the motorway. There is so much I love about the car but mostly it’s the bellowing engine!

Thank you so much for handling the sale as you did. Not that handing over a sum of money of that size is ever painless, but you made it as enjoyable as it can be! The whole experience was thorough, professional and I look forward to dealing with you again. I would recommend RPM Technik to anyone.



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If you’ve got any great stories of a time in your Porsche, then please feel free to send them over and share (keep them clean please!).

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