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Porsche Museum

A very rare, spare weekend presented itself with the opportunity to have four days out. The pilgrimage to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart has been on the bucket list and given how long I have been around Porsches, was embarrassing that it hadn’t been done.

The best road trips are often carried out with minimal planning and maximum adventure, so Euro tunnel booked and a few glances at google maps decided that a departure of Friday lunchtime and return back on Monday lunchtime would work. The bits in between could be made up!

Friday morning around the M25 was surprisingly easy going, Euro Tunnel slotted us onto the earlier train and the doors were opened to glorious sunshine. Nice. What wasn’t nice however was the traffic, the sat nav predicted some serious issues on the route ahead (the loose plan was to head straight to Stuttgart) rather than sit in hideous traffic in 30c. The detour was planned to Luxembourg for no other reason than lack of any previous visit. Old town Luxembourg very nice, ice cold beers even better, dinner and bed ready for day 2.

The early start to hunt out some high speed autobahns was a good idea and consequently cruising on the derestricted sections between 150 – 160mph smashed through the miles with ease. The Porsche Museum is a must for any Porsche die-hard; we won’t go into too much detail to spoil it but well worth the trip. Once finished drooling (and having lunch in the brilliant restaurant) we decided to check out the Mercedes Benz museum just down the road which was equally interesting, again well worth a look. A great night out in Stuttgart created a late start on Sunday, so a lazy drive to Verdun to see the WW1 memorials was a very sobering experience.

Finally an overnight in Reims (again lovely food and 30c weather) and a short dash back to Calais on Monday provided a fitting end to a great short break. If you have a spare weekend and haven’t been, get it done!

Written by Greig Daly

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