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RPM’s Classic Day Out

Once again the son-in-law came asking for a favour.

Only this time Greig was looking for a navigator so he could take part as one of the four RPM Technik entries in last weekend’s MK Classic Car Tour.

How could I refuse?


Sales chief Greig and technical boss Ollie, as well as two top RPM chums, Nick and Mat, were our drivers for the fun day out, which raises much-needed funds annually for the neo-natal unit at Milton Keynes General.

For Nick it was a very special day as it was a chance to put his brand new air-cooled 911 through its paces in public for the very first time.

And what a car!

mk_002 mk_001

For the past 18 months it’s been a labour of love for “His Serene Ollieness” to build a stunning, original and bespoke 911 from a base 964 body to Nick’s demanding specification.

This cream-coloured peach of a Porker looks simply amazing from every angle. And judging from its road and track performance it can, shall we say, shift a bit as well.

From the first minute at the MK garden centre car park where we all assembled at some ungodly hour last Sunday, April 26, Nick’s “911 NJ” received almost celebrity-like attention from the other tour drivers and crews.

Not to be outdone – well only slightly – was Mat, who’s the proud owner of the original RPM 997 Carrera 2 CSR, which continues to look the business in its black and gold livery.

Ollie and RPM’s Lydia eventually turned up in Ollie’s fearsome white Cayman R, while we were on hand to put an immaculate black 997 GTS through its paces.

There were plenty of other stunning vehicles on display: Aston Martin, Ferrari and Jaguar were ten a penny, but for me the highlight was spotting not one, but two, gleaming DeLoreans.

After a sedate timed start to the classic tour, which attracted over 200 cars of all types, ages and speeds, we were off to the Millbrook Proving Ground and two high speed circuits of the tortuous Alpine track.

Excellent fun, if a bit buttock-clenching at times!


Next, after a trek along some minor roads and through various pretty villages, came a well-deserved refreshment pit stop at historic Rushton Hall, near Kettering.

Then it was on to Silverstone via a variety of lesser-known back roads in Northamptonshire.

Eventually we all ended up at the Porsche Experience Centre inside the Silverstone complex for a full circuit of the special Porsche track and all its tricked-up additions, including the skid pan and ice road.

There was also the acceleration straight (perfect for launch control), lunch and a good nosey at the other MK Classic cars and Porsche models on display, including two achingly gorgeous 918s. Shame about the price though.

We’ll continue to draw a discreet veil over the actual navigational skills on display by the RPM contingent.

Let’s just say there were a few forced and unforced diversions from the planned route, which made it all the more interesting – and allowed for some serious driving.


It was a great day out for an extremely worthy cause locally.

So just maybe the son-in-law will have another favour lined-up in the near future. I certainly hope so!

Written by Ian Boyne

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