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The Walker Stalker

An unexpected mail arrived in my inbox that there was a L90 meet at the Ace Café with Magnus Walker on Monday the 30th of March. As you can imagine I was extremely excited to meet the almighty Magnus Walker after following his work for quite some time. There could be worse ways to spend my Monday evening!

After waiting a week the night was finally here…


We set off from RPM around 5pm and met up with a couple of customers Nick and Simon on route to head over to Ace Café. We managed to get a space within the infamous Café car park and pleasantly greeted by some beautiful cars, including a vast amount of stunning 964’s, a Boxster Spyder and some newer 911’s. Heading inside to grab some refreshments we joined a large group of like-minded fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

walker_002 walker_007 walker_006

Whilst mingling outside we noticed a group of people starting to crowd and like sheep, we decided to join them. There he was… Magnus Walker. I worked my way through the crowd for a photo, but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to speak to him about his projects or work as there was too many people. Maybe next time I’ll just have to head over to LA… Sigh!

walker_003 walker_005 walker_004 walker_008

All in all it was a fantastic evening and we will definitely be heading up there again soon. If you haven’t been to Ace Café before then I would recommend it and maybe we will see you there next time!

Written by Lydia Marshall

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