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LumeTechnik Video Shoot

Through the night with a couple of high class German ladies!

The time was one o’clock in the morning in late October.

The place? A quiet back street in Mayfair.

And the reason? The central London shoot of RPM’s Lume Technik video.


The stars were two immaculate and achingly gorgeous Porsche 964s, kindly loaned by a couple of the company’s most loyal customers.

RPM technical director Ollie Preston, as was only right, had the honour of “starring” in the film as driver of the lead classic 911, the all-white “GTS261”.

I, meanwhile, was relegated to the unseen chase car driver, behind the wheel of guards’ red “G865TVR”. Commercial boss Darren Anderson was that night’s camera car driver in a Range Rover donated by another RPM pal.

But – sorry lads – the brains of the shoot were the two Adams, Adam Swords, and Adam Roberts, who co-directed.


The reason we were there, of course, was to highlight our Lume Technik LED headlight conversion kits.

So the premise of the film was to compare and contrast the white Porker with its uprated lights to the “old fashioned” red 964, still sporting its underpowered originals.

And although I’m not being paid to say this, I hope all who have seen the finished video will admit that there really is a huge difference in brightness between the old and new lights!


Meanwhile, for the uninitiated, until you have taken part in a film shoot of any description you really have no idea how long everything takes to stage, re-stage, re-shoot, change cameras, etc, etc.

So it was a very long but ultimately rewarding night, driving inches from Ollie’s backside through the, at times, not-so-quiet streets of the capital.

We crossed and re-crossed various Thames bridges until the perfect shot was achieved; we drove at speed down a deserted Mall. And we were cheered by partygoers spilling out of a Mayfair nightclub in the wee small hours, before finally ending with a thrash through the Limehouse Link Tunnel.


Considering it was by now half six in the morning with the sun up and commuters on their way to work, the tunnel was surprisingly empty for our drive thru’.

That was thanks to some intuitive thinking, just possibly related to the fact that the camera car was blocking the road behind by straddling both lanes of the two-lane highway!

Looking back there had only been one occasion in the night when the buttocks started quivering – and it was nothing to do with our driving antics.

It was early in the filming cycle and I had to wait alone for about 20 minutes in the priceless red Porsche in a quiet and deserted street which happened to house a couple of foreign embassies.

I felt extremely vulnerable when I spotted two suspicious-looking men ambling towards the car. They glanced over and proceeded to halt about three car lengths behind, then stood looking at the 964 for about 30 seconds before approaching.

In a “blinding flash of pure genius” I picked up the walkie-talkie (used to converse with director Adam and the others) and pretended to be a plain-clothes policeman on guard outside that particular embassy. They immediately departed.


We’ll have to come clean and admit that the filming took two nights to complete.

There was one through-the-night session in London, but there was also a second evening/night blast along various roads in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to really show up the contrast between the headlights in the purer darkness of the countryside and surrounding woods.


There’s just something particularly exhilarating about driving fast in tandem with another 911 as the lights cleave through the blackness.

Sales boss Greig Daly (admittedly the son in law!) was camera car driver that night which took us from Milton Keynes and Woburn, to Wing, Mentmore, and Aldbury.

It all culminated with shots of the cars as dawn came up at the lookout point at Ivinghoe Beacon high on the Dunstable Downs.


All in all, a fabulous way to pass the time as it’s not every day you get the chance to live one of your fantasies – through the night with a couple of high class German ladies!

So why not treat yourself and give YOUR old lady a facelift! You know it makes sense.

Written by Ian Boyne

You can watch the video below:

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