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Tour Britannia

Saturday the 10th May saw our first Mini Tour Britannia event which we entered into the ‘Regularity Section.’ As well as being a recognised discipline in itself, it allows would-be competitors to get a flavour of what the event was like, without having to purchase and build a full road going race/rally car. Being entered in the Invitation Class the entrants were mainly Porsche’s, ranging from 991’s to Cayman’s. The aim of the event was to complete each special stage as close to the target average speed set by the organisers.

RPM were invited along and we duly bought along a Cayman R piloted by Ollie Preston with Lydia Marshall and an early 996 C2 driven by Darren Anderson with Dave Simons navigating. The cars were entered into the invitation group and competed along some of the special stages that the full event followed.


The first road stage threw up a small niggle on the 996 with a detached gearbox linkage, limiting Darren and Dave to just 4th and 2nd (a big thank you to Diane and Tom at Dunsfold MOT Centre for the use of their trolley jack and axle stands to allow Ollie to get this fixed quickly by the roadside between stages!!) from then on in the 996 performed very strongly, sometimes too strongly as Darren and the other invitation class competitors arrived at the stage flying finishes somewhat ahead of their due times! In fact the 996 set some stage times that nestled in amongst the upper end of the competition class and alongside the 991’s. The downside were lots of penalties in the regularity score. The Cayman R ran superbly all day providing Ollie and Lydia with a stress free day to enjoy the competition and again putting in solid times that would have placed them very well amongst fully prepared race cars. Ollie and Lydia in the Cayman R subsequently went on to win the ‘Regularity Section’ of the invitation class, a fantastic result first time out.

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A great day was rounded off with a super evening meal and great company to discuss the days events.

A big thank you also to Alec Poole and Duncan Buck for the invite and Sutton & Cheam Motor Club for their marshalling talents. If you are thinking about doing an event like this we would thoroughly recommend it. In competition or regularity class it is a great event and one that you will want to do again and again.

The full three day Tour Brittania is 6th – 8th August 2014 and both events will be repeated next year. RPM hope to be involved again but next time in the competition class!”


Written by Greig Daly

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