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RPM work very close to all of our suppliers and are constantly developing new products for our customers. In doing this we quite often pay them a visit to keep our relationships strong and make sure development is kept on track.

In this outing Ollie and I (Marc) visited Bilstein, Eibach and our Carbon Fibre manufacturer.

First stop was Bilstein where we were given a tour of their brand new purpose built warehouse, although we had slightly miss timed our visit as the bacon sarnie order had already been taken! The scale of the place was very impressive and as they now have a lot more space they are able to stock a large amount of Porsche stock here in the UK, meaning delivery times are next day rather than a few days coming from Germany. We have worked closely with Bilstein over the years and it gives you great confidence that the level of support they offer is also backed up by their in-house workshop, which can service and completely overhaul your old Bilstein products.

Next stop for us was Eibach. Although they are a relatively new direct supplier to RPM, it hasn’t stopped us developing new products with them already… I can’t say too much more in regards to this at this stage but certainly watch this space!
A tour of their warehouse again proved to us that the majority of all Porsche stock was held here in the UK, including lowering springs, wheels spacers and anti-roll bars. RPM also currently stock Eibach’s brand new lightweight and adjustable hollow anti-roll bars for Boxster 986, 996 Carrera 2 and 997 Turbo models.
Like Bilstein, Eibach have a specific area that allows them to test all products before going to market, which is good to know that the part you are fitting to your car is safe and has been fully tested to your car’s specification.
All Eibach products are built to an extremely high quality and we can’t recommend them enough. All parts can be ordered direct from our online store.

Our third and final visit of the day was to our Carbon Fibre manufacturer. A tour of the premises showed us in depth what is involved in forming carbon fibre; starting from the moulds, the raw sheets of carbon and then on to the layering up and bagging up for the pressure oven. An added bonus for us was seeing our 996 ducktail in its final stages before being sent out for paint and to be fitted on our latest CSR project.
We are developing a whole range of carbon fibre products and will be launching our ‘Carbon Range’ later in the year. Examples of the products that will be offered are ducktails, bonnets, side skirts and roof skins.
Keep checking back on our website for all our latest carbon products.

We found our day to be very productive and it really pays off to spend some time with our suppliers in making sure the products are correct for our customers.
To top it off, on our way home we saw Michael Knight towing his caravan… No Super Pursuit Mode on this puppy!

Written by Marc Smiddy

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